Flexible Working Day - 22 May 2019

Flexibility at work benefits everyone!

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Flexible Working Day is an international day to celebrate and showcase the benefits of flexible work for both people and organisations.  The day also marks a call to action to tackle flexism.
— Vanessa Vanderhoek, Founder Flexible Working Day

Flexible working requires flexible mindsets and flexible work styles. It is about people working in ways that allow them to achieve their best and for employers to reap the rewards. Making the most of employees means supporting innovative and diverse work arrangements - from the night owl starting and finishing late, job-sharing and part-time work, to name a few. 

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Over the past 50 years, there have been significant changes in technology, our family structures, communication, recreation, entertainment and job roles - and this is going to continue to rapidly evolve. But work structures - hours, location, and work practices - have not kept pace. Now is the time for working flexibly to align with the rest of the changes in society.

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Tips to celebrate #FWDay2019

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