Career Inside Track

Vanessa Vanderhoek


Vanessa Vanderhoek is passionate about making flexible working a reality for everyone.  She has sat on both sides of the fence - she was an executive for 10 years, and over the course of her career has adopted many different types of flexible work.  She strongly believes this decision played a critical role in her ability to successfully juggle her career, family and life goals.

Vanessa launched Flexible Working Day in 2017 to celebrate and showcase how flexible working can (and does) work.

She is the founder of The FlexAgility Group, a boutique flexible work consulting firm that partners with organisations, helping them make flexible working ‘work’ for both their business and their people.  There’s no on-size-fits-all when it comes to flexible and agile working - Vanessa believes it’s about finding the sweet-spot that’s a win-win for the organisation and teams.  Along with our tried and tested resources, and our innovative diagnostic tools, she works with organisations to tailor flexible and agile work strategies and training to meet their business needs, ensuring the highest-quality return on investment.

"The modern business understands that flexibility is much more than an accommodation for parents.  It is a strategy that benefits your business, people, and the world around us. It also enables a competitive business edge =  F L E X A G I L I T Y - the ability to adapt quickly and easily to meet opportunities in the ever-changing world." - Vanessa Vanderhoek