Lisa Britt

Lisa Britt

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Lisa Britt, team manager of seven remote workers, has found that flexible remote working can be the key to the elusive work/life balance people are always talking about.

“Working remotely can mean more than just working from home; it can support a bigger, more adventurous life. It isn’t always easy, but with the right technology, a can-do attitude and enough self-discipline, it is achievable and it is definitely worthwhile. When you are personally fulfilled and have some time for yourself during the day, you have far more to give to your customers and teammates.”

After a diverse career, most recently in the not-for-profit world, Lisa is now Head of Customer Experience at Evergiving - a software as a service company for face-to-face fundraisers. From the outset, Evergiving has had an entirely remote workforce who coordinate, collaborate, and solve real world problems as a globally dispersed team of 18 people. 

While dividing her time between heading the customer support side of the business and being a direct line manager, Lisa is about to embark on a year abroad. She’s planning to pursue her passion for photography and travel, while working entirely remotely and spending some quality time with international customers and team members.

“My role certainly involves long hours working across multiple time zones, but this allows me to spend some time during the day pursuing my own interests. Currently, in my downtime I’m focused on health and fitness, and studying Spanish in preparation for my visit to Argentina where I’ll be getting to know some colleagues better.”

“I think our CEO, James Goodridge, sums flexible work up perfectly “When you have the right people, with the right skills, and a team that already works remotely, why not let your staff do amazing things? If they are happy, motivated, and delivering beautiful work, everybody wins.”