Nikki Jenkinson

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As Co-Founder of Cahlia, a platform to connect companies with independent and professional female consultants, Nikki is passionate about flexible and meaningful work options within the workplace. 

"Flexibility is at the core of everything I do. It is about creating an environment for myself, and for others, that integrates career, family, health and life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

More broadly, I am passionate about driving change to the way we all work. At the end of the day, people want to do interesting and engaging work that gives them flexibility. And companies have a need for experienced and agile people within their organisation to deliver outcomes. 

Flexibility will be different for everyone. I firmly believe that we need to work towards finding and implementing better flexibility solutions that genuinely empower people to deliver maximum output or work quality, but that still allow some control over when and where they work. This is critical to ensure maximum working satisfaction and productivity. And this is when our workplaces will become true flexibility advocates."

With over 15 years experience in senior Human Resources roles, and the growth of her HR Consulting business, Nikki recognised a significant opportunity for experienced and skilled professional females seeking more control over work, due to the continued focus on the growth of their professional career and the integration of this work into their life or family requirements. 

After many conversations with like-minded and brilliant women, it was clear to her that these skilled and talented women were either not able to easily source permanent work that suited them so were either opting out of the corporate workforce all together, or stepping back into roles that were well below their capabilities just to access flexibility. 

This led Nikki to create Cahlia with Angela McKenzie in 2017 - a solution that allows companies to more effectively connect with this underutilised and untapped market of female professionals, and provides a solution to connect these skilled and experienced females with meaningful and interesting consulting, independent contracting or project opportunities.