Brett Thebault


"I support the concept that we work at our peak when we maintain balance and flexibility in our working hours; not least for myself - with a 2 and a 4 year old, flexibility is a necessity!

At Aginic we are all about Flexible Working.  One of our key values is recognising output over input - this means we don’t watch the clock or even care about when you start and finish, we measure performance on the quality of work produced.  Many of our people have passions outside of work and we encourage people to study, rock climb, raise their family and even build video games.  The key to flexible working is empowering people with the technology to work from wherever they are - Aginic staff have the tools and technology to work from home, on the move or even on a boat!  We firmly believe that flexible working is the key to building an awesome team and are huge fans of Vanessa and the team at FlexAgility - Go Team!”