Pennie Teh

Pennie Teh#2.jpg

Pennie Teh is the Group Risk Officer, Stockland.  She is the mother of two beautiful boys, Zachary, three, and Xavier, nine months. “My boys keep me on my toes, as does my role at Stockland as Group Risk Officer, and I simply would not have it any other way.”

Pennie has worked for Stockland for over 12 years and has played an important role in creating a culture that fully supports and embraces flexible working practices. She believes it’s about focusing on outcomes, whilst giving people the space to adopt flexibility in a way that helps them meet their work-life commitments.  

 As a senior leader at Stockland, Pennie understands the important role leaders play in supporting and encouraging employees to integrate flexibility into their everyday work habits while achieving business outcomes.

Since returning to work earlier this year she continues to work four days per week and at home on a regular basis, and has made it a priority to enable her team to follow her lead.