Suzanne Young

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Suzanne Young is an Executive General Manager at IAG and has previously worked as a senior executive for the NRL, Leighton Holdings, Commonwealth Bank, Qantas and Unisys. She is the Chair of IAG’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and works with the Group Leadership Team to build diversity, inclusion and belonging into their businesses. She was a founding member of Diversity Committees at Qantas and Unisys.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Tax Law from The University of Sydney and a Masters of Accounting from Macquarie University. She is also a Fellow of CPA Australia and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is currently a board member of Surf Sports Australia, The University of Sydney Business School Board of Advice, The McGrath Foundation Board, 2016 (Chair, Risk and Audit Committee) and St Joseph's College Foundation Board (Chair, Indigenous Education Fund Committee).

Suzanne believes that flexibility can be leveraged to ensure ongoing high standards of living for all Australians. McKinsey research found the expected gain from increasing female employment in Australia could add approximately $297 billion or 12% of GDP. 

Mainstreaming flexibility to enable women to combine work and family responsibilities and encouraging men to utilise flexibility and lift their role in the care of children and adults (such as elderly family members). Mainstreaming flexibility would enable organisations hire many women who are unable to bring their talents to the workforce because they require or desire more flexible workplaces. 

Flexible workplaces which encourage employees to integrate their home and working lives and have mainstreamed flexibility of roles, leave, place and time will not only enable improve the lives of their people, families and communities, but will also become the places people want to work and therefore have greater access to talent. 

Suzanne works flexibly as a parent to 3 teenage boys and to care for aging parents, and actively encourages her direct reports and teams to work flexibly.