Pennie Teh

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Pennie Teh is the Group Risk Officer, Stockland.  She is the mother of two beautiful boys, Zachary, three, and Xavier, nine months. “My boys keep me on my toes, as does my role at Stockland as Group Risk Officer, and I simply would not have it any other way.”

Pennie has worked for Stockland for over 12 years and has played an important role in creating a culture that fully supports and embraces flexible working practices. She believes it’s about focusing on outcomes, whilst giving people the space to adopt flexibility in a way that helps them meet their work-life commitments.  

 As a senior leader at Stockland, Pennie understands the important role leaders play in supporting and encouraging employees to integrate flexibility into their everyday work habits while achieving business outcomes.

Since returning to work earlier this year she continues to work four days per week and at home on a regular basis, and has made it a priority to enable her team to follow her lead.

Luke Healy


The last 15 years of my working life have been in leadership roles as an executive leading large scale organisational change and more recently as a Partner of a “Big 4” professional services firm and more importantly as a husband, father of two and an Ironman Triathlete and coach. These professional roles have been incredibly demanding both timewise and from a mindshare perspective. Those roles, although incredibly rewarding, also have the potential to consume all of life.

These last 15 year I have learned that having a my professional life as dominant priority in my life was unhealthy both for me personally and for my relationship with my family. I have been personally very successful professionally and in my personal life (ie happy) by focusing on my health and enjoyment of life with family and my passions and I have learnt to build the highest performing teams of people that choose to have challenging and rewarding careers and challenging and rewarding lives away from work, in an environment that allows them to separate and integrate these elements of their life as they choose. All based on the principles of accountability, trust, performance and choice.

Jan O'keefe

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Jan is the General Manager of ahm, the fastest growing health insurance brand in the Australian market and part of the Medibank group.  Over the past 5 years Jan has used her passion for leadership and change to transform various business units across the ahm and Medibank brands to respond to the changing market dynamics in the health industry.   Jan is passionate about empowering her people to improve the brand and service experience for ahm customers and as a working mother of two boys takes a particular interest in creating opportunities for people to work flexibly.  

With the ahm business located across two sites, remote working, flexible hours and building a trust-based culture has been a real focus for Jan and her leadership team.

Marty Conneely


Marty is a firm believer in balancing all aspects of his life and not letting work takeover. "I've worked hard to build this into the culture at Aginic.

At Aginic we are all about Flexible Working.  One of our key values is recognising output over input - this means we don’t watch the clock or even care about when you start and finish, we measure performance on the quality of work produced.  Many of our people have passions outside of work and we encourage people to study, rock climb, raise their family and even build video games.  The key to flexible working is empowering people with the technology to work from wherever they are - Aginic staff have the tools and technology to work from home, on the move or even on a boat!  We firmly believe that flexible working is the key to building an awesome team and are huge fans of Vanessa and the team at FlexAgility - Go Team!”  

Roseanne Cartwright


Roseanne is known for her unique combination of deep HR, OD and Communications expertise. She brings a pragmatic, human-centred approach to her work, specialising in leadership, diversity, talent and culture change. 

In a corporate career spanning roles and sectors in Australia, Africa and Asia, Roseanne has long been an advocate for diversity. She led Communications and HR functions at Qantas, John Holland Group, CIMIC and Laing O’Rourke, helping them achieve real performance improvements by designing and delivering industry leading parental leave and flexible work strategy, policies, programs, training and ways of working. 

This paved the way for her current role as Business Director at mwah. Making Work Absolutely Human.

A committed supporter of Indigenous adults and young women, Roseanne is mentor at Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training; Young Professional Women Australia; and Aboriginal Employment Strategy. She has a Bachelor of Design from the University of Technology, Sydney and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Roseanne absolutely believes that flexible working simply ‘makes sense’ as a way for individuals and organisations to build healthier and more inclusive ways of working that are good for people and good for society. Society is changing and people are looking for ways to work that are different from the traditional work structures. Flexism is a way for more people from all walks of life opportunity to be included in the workplace; for more people to turn up ‘well’ and ready to thrive at work because they have choice in the way they live their life; and for businesses to benefit from society’s fuller and broader participation in work.

Leigh Grigaliunas


As a parent, flexibility in the workplace is of paramount importance. With both myself and Yasmin (my wife) wanting to work full-time (we have very rewarding careers), flexibility enables us to fulfil ourselves professionally while still being the best parents we can be.

Work is, or should be, about outcomes and the times and places you perform it don't have any bearing on the outcomes in our minds. When you are truly passionate your work, the goal of work-life balance is unlikely to be ever achieved, so perhaps work-life blend should be the new utopia?      

Nikki Jenkinson

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As Co-Founder of Cahlia, a platform to connect companies with independent and professional female consultants, Nikki is passionate about flexible and meaningful work options within the workplace. 

"Flexibility is at the core of everything I do. It is about creating an environment for myself, and for others, that integrates career, family, health and life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

More broadly, I am passionate about driving change to the way we all work. At the end of the day, people want to do interesting and engaging work that gives them flexibility. And companies have a need for experienced and agile people within their organisation to deliver outcomes. 

Flexibility will be different for everyone. I firmly believe that we need to work towards finding and implementing better flexibility solutions that genuinely empower people to deliver maximum output or work quality, but that still allow some control over when and where they work. This is critical to ensure maximum working satisfaction and productivity. And this is when our workplaces will become true flexibility advocates."

With over 15 years experience in senior Human Resources roles, and the growth of her HR Consulting business, Nikki recognised a significant opportunity for experienced and skilled professional females seeking more control over work, due to the continued focus on the growth of their professional career and the integration of this work into their life or family requirements. 

After many conversations with like-minded and brilliant women, it was clear to her that these skilled and talented women were either not able to easily source permanent work that suited them so were either opting out of the corporate workforce all together, or stepping back into roles that were well below their capabilities just to access flexibility. 

This led Nikki to create Cahlia with Angela McKenzie in 2017 - a solution that allows companies to more effectively connect with this underutilised and untapped market of female professionals, and provides a solution to connect these skilled and experienced females with meaningful and interesting consulting, independent contracting or project opportunities.

Sandy Hutchison


Sandy Hutchison is the Founder and CEO of Career Money Life, a disruptive and innovative new marketplace business providing employees and organizations the power of choice in career development and transition, health and wellbeing services and financial advice. 

"Being able to work flexibly in my career, both as an Human Resources Director and a now as a CEO has made the difference between between either being a good parent or a good worker and being both a great parent and a great leader."

Alan Kirkland

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Alan Kirkland has been CEO of CHOICE, Australia’s largest consumer organisation, since 2012.

He has benefited from regular flexibility arrangements in senior roles for over a decade and thinks the default position should be that every role can be flexible.

Alan has a background in the justice system, having previously been CEO of Legal Aid New South Wales, Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission and Chair of the National Legal Assistance Advisory Body. He has also been a part-time member of a number of state and federal tribunals.

Alan has a long-term interest in redressing socio-economic disadvantage, having served on the boards of the Australian Council of Social Service, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Welfare Rights Centre.

Kate Boorer

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Kate’s an active thought leader and advocate for gender equality and founder of Young Professional Women Australia – an organisation with a collective voice of more than 3,500 members committed to supporting the progression of professional women in their early-mid career. 

Flexible work is the future of work – not just for parents but for all humans. Creating flexible workplace experiences is a must when it comes to attracting top talent and it’s just a good thing to do. Good for business, Good for people, Great for all.

Brett Thebault


"I support the concept that we work at our peak when we maintain balance and flexibility in our working hours; not least for myself - with a 2 and a 4 year old, flexibility is a necessity!

At Aginic we are all about Flexible Working.  One of our key values is recognising output over input - this means we don’t watch the clock or even care about when you start and finish, we measure performance on the quality of work produced.  Many of our people have passions outside of work and we encourage people to study, rock climb, raise their family and even build video games.  The key to flexible working is empowering people with the technology to work from wherever they are - Aginic staff have the tools and technology to work from home, on the move or even on a boat!  We firmly believe that flexible working is the key to building an awesome team and are huge fans of Vanessa and the team at FlexAgility - Go Team!”  

Kylee Fitzpatrick

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I'm the founder and CEO of TEAM Women Australia, we're a NFP specialising in storytelling to inspire women to stand up for themselves and each other living a courageous and confident life. I started this organisation because of the impact that a lack of flexible options in the corporate environment has on women like myself - juggling senior leadership roles with three young children - it impacts their ability to balance their role as a mother with their career, to advance in their career and experience compassion, courage and confidence.

Adam Bannon

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Adam Bannon is the COO of CodeClan.  "Flexible working is incredibly important in this era of technology and connectivity. Business models are changing.... employer and employee relationships are changing. Flexible working enable us to adapt to these changing circumstances in the workplace. Flexible working contributes to my productivity and effectiveness at work and health and happiness at home."

Ranya Akacha

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I have worked in corporate for 11 years in many roles including Project Management, Transformation and Change Management. I have also owned and ran a number of small businesses including a Beauty Salon, Travel Agency and a Training business. Throughout my career I was lucky enough to always be working in a company and role I enjoyed (most of the time), and once I had children, flexibility was the key requirement to any role I would consider. But I came across a lot of people that weren't happy in their jobs and only worked for a pay cheque at the end of the week. This made me really sad - you spend so much time at work and to not enjoy it, or the people you work with, didn't sit right for me. I didn't want this for my children.

In my experience, I found that the flexible work arrangements was something most companies were open to, but due to the culture of the business, it didn't actually work in that organisation. They would say all the right things, and have all the right intentions, but in reality it just didn't work and you were always seen as the person who left early, or came in late, as opposed to the person that delivered the required outcomes. 

I then decided that my new mission was to get rid of Mondayitis and work with organisations and their teams to re engage them and ensure they are bringing their whole selves to work, not just part of themselves. A big part of that is building trust, accountability and allowing for flexible working arrangements so people are able to deliver the outcomes required in a way that suited them best. 

I truly believe the landscape of work is changing, and the whole sitting in an office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm is going to something of the past. More and more people are working remotely and achieving amazing things. Instead of getting paid by the hour, we will be moving to getting paid for particular outcomes or outputs. We have to look at ways of getting the most out of people and we can't do that unless they are happy, fully engaged and trusted. As Simon Sinek says, if you look after your people, they will look after your business.

David Schofield

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“Having the ability to work flexibly makes the juggling act all working parents experience easier to manage. Working where and when best fits all of my commitments means that I can take my daughters to school most days, pick them up some days, and better adjust to the scheduling challenges that their activities pose for the traditional model of needing to be in a certain seat for a certain number of hours each day. At Bendelta, working flexibly also means working in whatever location best provides the environment my work requires, so I can be in the office when I need to collaborate with colleagues, on the client site when meeting clients or facilitating development programs, at home when I need to focus, and out and about when I need inspiration. That flexibility liberates both the body and mind!”

Suzanne Young

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Suzanne Young is an Executive General Manager at IAG and has previously worked as a senior executive for the NRL, Leighton Holdings, Commonwealth Bank, Qantas and Unisys. She is the Chair of IAG’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and works with the Group Leadership Team to build diversity, inclusion and belonging into their businesses. She was a founding member of Diversity Committees at Qantas and Unisys.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Tax Law from The University of Sydney and a Masters of Accounting from Macquarie University. She is also a Fellow of CPA Australia and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is currently a board member of Surf Sports Australia, The University of Sydney Business School Board of Advice, The McGrath Foundation Board, 2016 (Chair, Risk and Audit Committee) and St Joseph's College Foundation Board (Chair, Indigenous Education Fund Committee).

Suzanne believes that flexibility can be leveraged to ensure ongoing high standards of living for all Australians. McKinsey research found the expected gain from increasing female employment in Australia could add approximately $297 billion or 12% of GDP. 

Mainstreaming flexibility to enable women to combine work and family responsibilities and encouraging men to utilise flexibility and lift their role in the care of children and adults (such as elderly family members). Mainstreaming flexibility would enable organisations hire many women who are unable to bring their talents to the workforce because they require or desire more flexible workplaces. 

Flexible workplaces which encourage employees to integrate their home and working lives and have mainstreamed flexibility of roles, leave, place and time will not only enable improve the lives of their people, families and communities, but will also become the places people want to work and therefore have greater access to talent. 

Suzanne works flexibly as a parent to 3 teenage boys and to care for aging parents, and actively encourages her direct reports and teams to work flexibly.