Luke Healy


The last 15 years of my working life have been in leadership roles as an executive leading large scale organisational change and more recently as a Partner of a “Big 4” professional services firm and more importantly as a husband, father of two and an Ironman Triathlete and coach. These professional roles have been incredibly demanding both timewise and from a mindshare perspective. Those roles, although incredibly rewarding, also have the potential to consume all of life.

These last 15 year I have learned that having a my professional life as dominant priority in my life was unhealthy both for me personally and for my relationship with my family. I have been personally very successful professionally and in my personal life (ie happy) by focusing on my health and enjoyment of life with family and my passions and I have learnt to build the highest performing teams of people that choose to have challenging and rewarding careers and challenging and rewarding lives away from work, in an environment that allows them to separate and integrate these elements of their life as they choose. All based on the principles of accountability, trust, performance and choice.