Jack Walden

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As a passionate traveller, flexible working has become my passport to the world; giving me the freedom to collaborate with incredible organisations and individuals no matter their location. Whatever professional hat I’m wearing (be it CEO, editor, lecturer...), with the speed of technology and travel both increasing exponentially, I can connect virtually or meet up face to face with some of the world’s most creative people. 

Flexible working has also allowed me to take advantage of bleisure (business + leisure travel) on countless occasions. From a strategic planning session overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, to a day of writing surrounded by the beauty of Sri Lanka, I’ve managed to turn major tourist destinations into my office for the day, and continue to manage colleagues working on projects around the globe. 

As well as unlocking incredible travel experiences, flexible working allows me to prioritise time with my family and friends, and support them when they most need help. As a person whose career is built on creativity, flexible working also allows me to balance the inputs and outputs; giving me the breathing room to absorb new ideas and connect with the ever-growing community. 

The only barrier to unlocking the power of flexible work is people’s imagination.

Jack is the CEO of the C-Word Communications Agency and a founding sponsor of Flexible Working Day.