Stacey Price

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I was never given the opportunity in my corporate accounting career to have any flexibility in my working arrangements. Even when I had a 20cm blood clot in my leg and was 8 weeks pregnant with my first child, my boss wouldn't let me reduce my hours down to part time.

I started my financial coaching and bookkeeping business when I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave with my second child.

I wanted other start-up business owners to have someone they could turn to for financial and accounting support. Qualified help without the “corporate” mindset. I wanted to be someone that could hold their hand and guide them on ATO obligations and how on earth to deal with the constant cash flow battle of the start-up lifecycle. I just wanted to help.

I am now a boss to 3 amazing women and I offer my staff the same flexibility that I offer myself. Nobody gets special privileges, we all just get the same benefits.

I want to provide my staff with the opportunities I wish someone had given me back in my corporate days.

Flexibility around sickness, workspace, location, hours, study, family. The works. I don't think it is hard to give staff these opportunities. In fact, my staff are well and truly integral in the running of my business and yet they all work different and often odd hours, they all work remotely and one is even based overseas. Yet we are all on the same page and committed to growing our business. Flexibility means our staff are loyal, they love working for our business and they see their job as a wonderful opportunity that fits into their life. Flexibility for us is a daily part of what we do. It is just our “normal”. I want it to be everyone's "normal".