Penny Rush

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For me, flexible working has been essential to re-entering and remaining in the workforce since becoming a parent. It would simply not have been possible to have the career I have without it. I am therefore incredibly grateful and passionate about its transformational effect. The flexible working revolution enabled by the introduction of 'All Roles Flex' at many organisations, including Aurecon, reduces the stigma and inequality of access and it challenges the norms of who has ‘the right’ to access flexible working options. It forces structural and systemic change to accommodate different ways of working and different ways of being ‘available’ and productive.

Flexible work, the trust and empowerment it enables, to have more control over both the unpredictable and the predictable, creates benefits for all. Different people work better at different times of the day, different people work better in different environments, often depending on the type of work required that day - thinking work, collaborative work. Flexible working is also a key enabler of a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. The crusade to transform the workplace (for everyone - leaders, employees, clients, stakeholders) continues!

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