Gold Coast City Council

Mark Morris

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When I think about the future of work, flexible working is at the core of strategies to get us there. I envisage a future in which all work is flexible such that we don’t even need to call it out because work is designed without barriers. I’m passionate about flexible working because I believe it’s the key to get the best out of people, being truly inclusive to diverse working styles and personal circumstances. Flexible working is not just for parents, but many people deliver better work and can maintain better health and balance by spending more time outside a typical office environment. People can work metres away from each other in an office and never engage in person, and yet many restrict working from home options, but why? Fear? Lack of trust? We could be anywhere. 10 metres or 10,000 miles apart it makes no difference in many roles. #workanywhere will change everything. For the relevant roles, regional residents will have access to capital city roles, and vice versa. This has the power to change the entire workforce landscape, the talent market, and people’s lives, not to mention taking cars off the roads. Of course it’s not all going to be easy or perfect, but where many see reasons not to, I see opportunities. In my experience giving trust reaps rewards in most instances, where staff working in a way that suits their individual circumstances work harder & put in more discretionary effort than those without such opportunities. Progressive thinking helps us break away from “but this is the way it’s always been” and opens up the potential of how amazing things can be, without restriction or limitation. Supported now by recent legislative changes, there’s no excuse to stop our staff & teams being their best, whatever that means. Working flexibly enables me to be my best in & out of work, which in turn helps everyone in my life.