Jill Baptist

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EGM, Customer Futures, Customer Labs Division of IAG. My job is all about creating beautiful customer experiences - 1st through insight as to what a beautiful experience might be, and then collaborating with others to bring that to life. The most important element of this is the doing the same for employee experiences since it is they who collaborate to create and deliver these experiences. For that to be the best it can be, we need to be flexible for the sake of having access to the widest range of people and ideas we can. Those people's wellbeing is also key to unlocking creativity - and flexibility is one way that we can work in line with people's lifestyles and other interests so they can be their best

Melissa Funston

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I am currently overseeing the rollout of 'work from home' across the Customer Delivery Direct team at IAG. This project is exciting due to the potential benefits for both our staff & our business. We've seen benefits in our staff already working from home such as increases in well being, better work life balance, more family time, alongside increases in productivity. Offering this, along with other flexible work arrangements such as compressed working weeks, flexible shifts & part time hours, helps empower our staff to take control of their working week, increases engagement & offers productivity benefits to our business as well - Win, Win!