Dan Paull

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 I often hear the mention of work-life balance as a goal that some pursue. This notion suggests some hard distinction between the two, a separation that must be achieved. The reality is that work is a large and important part of life along with family and friends, hobbies and other interests, community engagement, personal health and wellbeing. All these things need time and balance. They require a delicate orchestration to smoothly and effectively integrate them that seldom adheres to fixed and immobile time slots. My daughter’s recent operation for instance took place in another city and in the middle of the week. Supporting her was hardly compatible with the traditional notion of the nine-to-five work week especially with some deadlines due at work. The solution is simple – flexible working. I travelled to be with her but was able to make use of the remote access arrangements of our workplace to still deliver on the deadline. And she was grateful for the support. Allowing and promoting this type of flexible working not only recognises that people have complex lives to manage and that this management task is dramatically assisted with the provision of flexibility, the flexibility offered has the invaluable benefit of boosting happiness, motivation, engagement and satisfaction – it’s actually a great result for everyone! So, I’m a strong believer that life’s tricky balance and people’s wellbeing is greatly supported by a workplace that supports flexible working. Mine does. Does yours?