TrueType Communications

Jessica Bowker

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With a background in corporate affairs, Jessica Bowker has worked in Australia and Canada for large companies, international joint ventures and public relations agencies. In 2015 she founded TrueType Communications, a Perth-based consultancy which provides communications and marketing services to businesses, non-profits and social enterprises. Her areas of expertise include communications and marketing strategy, brand management, stakeholder engagement, change management and internal communications.

Jessica was diagnosed was Lupus SLE soon after starting her consultancy and understands the challenges of living with a chronic autoimmune disease while managing a small business and raising a young family. This prompted her to adopt a more collaborative consulting approach and become a more vocal advocate for flexible working, which saw her recognised as an individual champion in the 2018 Champions of Flexible Working Awards.

Jessica is passionate about giving back to the community and volunteers with causes that are close to her heart. She is a board member of Lupus WA, a voluntary not-for-profit organisation which aims to improve awareness, education and support for lupus patients, the community and health professionals, and to support lupus research activities in WA. She also mentors students in Years 10, 11 and 12 as part of the Beacon Foundation MyRoad Program which provides career guidance for young Australian women.