Nicholas Shaw

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Nicholas Shaw is a Property Investment specialist who developed his passion for Real Estate while serving for more than 20 years throughout Australia and deployed overseas with the Australian Army. In this modern age it is expected that everyone gets a fair go. A fair go to work, a fair go to participate. However it’s impossible to give everyone a fair go if they are arbitrarily restricted by work hours and conditions. Our economy requires high participation rates from workers of all genders and backgrounds and the only way to achieve this is for employers, and more broadly us as a society to accept flexibility as a key tool to drive this higher participation. It shouldn’t matter if you are the CEO, the HR manager, the machine operator or the casual assistant the complexities of balancing raising children, studying, sport and recreation and maintaining friendships etc are not unique. We all have a duty to look after our staff and those which who we spend so much of our time to enable them to achieve their full potential. That’s why I am extremely proud to be a #flexibleworkingday ambassador and to help spread the message of this key initiative.