TUH Health Fund

Paul Abernethy

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Most of my team are knowledge workers. They are employed for what they know and their role is to share that knowledge and execute strategy with that knowledge. We measure based on outcomes. We make expectations really clear and we check-in on these regularly. The cadence of delivery is mutually agreed and we hold our people accountable to this. When they do it or where they do it can be flexible. There are times where their presence is needed. It is important to collaborate and communicate openly in our environment. That sort of work is done best when working shoulder to shoulder. There is a time for quiet reflection, applying thought to complex challenges and really thinking through how to realise an opportunity. This work is often done best in a space free from other work priorities. Most of this is pretty predictable. With a bit of diligence in planning, when and where you carry out your work is changeable. I am passionate about people working in this way because it maximises their chance of fitting as much as they can into their life. It amplifies their work life as an enriching element of their day to day. The ability to work from home to do tuckshop duties at lunch time, take a long lunch to read at your kid’s school, finish early a couple of days a week to do your degree or come in late so you can take a cross-fit class all makes you a happier person. For me, it is far easier to engage a happier person in their work. Our customers are more likely to engage with a happier person and our culture and values better align with happier people!