Priya Chattier

Priya Chattier.jpeg

Since joining Rapid Context, it didn’t take me long to realise what meaningful work looks like and how it transcends one’s purpose in life. Few weeks into the job, I not only felt the connectedness between doing meaningful work in relation to my children and my significant others but also a huge sense of empowerment working with brilliantly talented unapologetic feminists doing such impactful research.

Meaningfulness for me is also associated with a deep sense of accomplishment and pride – having fulfilled my potential as a Sociologist beyond academia! As an Applied Sociologist, I have now picked up skill sets in organisational culture and climate assessments of complex organisations, not to mention the A-B-C of Office 365, Workflow max, smartsheet, project planner, zooming in from work for team and staff meetings and the rest that goes with flexible work :) Personally, for me, working flexibly has not only improved my coping mechanisms, but I now have a better work/life balance with time carved in for self-care as well.

Life now makes sense! I am now more cognisant of what it means to have a balance in my life, that is, doing meaningful work, connecting with people, carving time for yogalosophy, exploring nature, and most importantly, enjoying little things in life that really matter!