Andrea Quintero

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Andrea Quintero is HFM’s Business Strategy & Marketing Coordinator. She holds an Industrial Engineering degree which she completed in her home country, Colombia - The focus of the mentioned degree is “The optimisation of complex processes or systems, covering all areas of a business.” She has also completed further studies on Management and Marketing in Australia & USA.

Andrea is an advocate of Diversity & Inclusion and was a member of Property Council Australia’s WA Diversity Committee between 2016 and 2018; On January 2019 she was successfully selected to join Property Council Australia’s Future Directions WA Committee.

“Flexible work is a life-changing model!

The world is evolving, and so is the work environment. Not long ago, people often had to choose between their personal and professional goals; which meant that many times they had to sacrifice their professional careers to focus on personal priorities such as their families, further studies, etc. In my opinion, having a work-life balance is one of the keys of happiness.

When you give employees the flexibility to complete their work at a time, location and in arrangements that suit their personal priorities, their motivation and sense of belonging towards the company they work for will increase significantly.

At HFM, flexibility can be easily observed every day, as the working arrangements are established individually between each employee and the company to suit each person’s lifestyle (employees working remotely, in different schedules, etc.)

For me this flexibility meant that I was able to spend more time with my mom during the months she visited me from overseas; as I started my days earlier than usual and finished work early enough to take her to parks, the beach and other fun-filled activities that are now unforgettable memories of her first visit to Australia.”