Bruno Zadeh

Bruno Zadeh.jpg

I am Bruno Senior Business Learning solutions Consultant at Gallup. My role is to help leaders, coaches and individuals discover their talents and improve their workplaces through Gallup’s learning solutions based on more than 80 years of human development research.

My mission is to work with clients to integrate a strengths-based approach and workplace engagement best practices into their organisations to achieve measurable performance outcomes.

What I am passionate about with flexibility at work is as a single dad and a leader at Gallup, I need to have a life that allows me to integrate my role as a single dad and my work. I am grateful to work for an organisation that allows me this working flexibility, trusts me as an employee and supports me as a parent. I would love to support single parents and help organisations by offering flexibility at work for everyone. It requires new processes in organisation, building manager capability by training for trust and performance measures based on outcomes.

Leaders and management practices require a common belief that when an organisation helps the individual, they will gain engagement and performance in return. I believe “Flexibility at work” is a great way to retain employees, create more engagement, become healthier and more productive as well.