Jill Skromanis

Jill Skromanis.jpg

I work 90% full time equivalent and have the benefit of picking my children up from school twice a week and spending time during these afternoons to be there for homework, activities and catching up about the day.

I also have flexibility to work from home; I do this every Friday, and can do on other days when suitable for the work activity that I am doing. My work requires some quiet time for thinking and planning, and I find the quiet and peace of home with some beautiful music in the background and my pup by my side to be a great space for this. My team is based in Melbourne and Sydney and our work crosses Australia, NZ and part of Asia - so our work practices already involve video conferencing; our laptops are setup for this. We can therefore be mobile and work from anywhere provided we have secure internet connection.

It's great to be able to mix in some personal appointments with work activity - with focus on deliverables and outcomes. Some of my best thinking time happens when I am hanging washing up outside in the sunshine during a 10 min break from the laptop!

I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to be able to work flexibly.