Mary Karolyi

Mary Karolyi.jpg

I am an experienced CFO in all traditional aspects, but more than this, in the transformation and evolution of start-ups, scale-ups and disrupted organisations. My capabilities include human resources oversight, financial oversight and management of international operations including the USA, New Zealand, Asia, UAE.

Working with many organisations in various stages of growth each one of them has a desire and a need to recruit and retain the very best talent. This challenge is common to all.

So, ensuring that in this increasingly demanding world we cater for and care for our people becomes paramount to the success of every organisation. This care extends to offering flexibility to our people and understanding that an environment which suits and supports the personal circumstances of each individual delivers the best outcome for the business.

I look forward to working in a world where flexibility is no longer a topic of conversation but inherent in our businesses so instead of our people needing to demand this change, it is already offered.

Flexibility is at the heart and core of everything I embody. I am very privileged to work with organisations such as Mitchellake in which flexibility is offered to every individual and is woven into the very fabric of the culture and day-to-day operations.