Sara Edwards

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Sara Edwards is the General Manager of People and Culture at Rapid Context. She specialises in flexible workforces, organisational culture, and education and training. She works with clients across industries to develop and sustain successful flexible workforces, analyse and report on organisational culture and assist with team development.

I am passionate about flexible work because I know it works. I have lived this as a user (I have four young children), and as a manger of a wholly flexible workforce. But the majority of Australians are not so fortunate. Many organisations struggle to move beyond the social media phase of a new policy and embed them into their companies. I hear countless stories of managers that do not value these policies and view them as counterproductive, destroying them before they have had any real chance of success. Scratch below the surface and you see that these people are actually under resourced with the skills and knowledge to understand their employees, how to authentically implement the policy and not be threatened by the changing needs of employees. As someone who has lived, worked and breathed flexible work I am motivated to share the knowledge on how this works, and how to best support organisations and individuals to find the right fit between company and employee values, helping everyone to feel successful in their unique approach to work, and for organisations of any size to experience the full benefits of this future of work.