Nick Jaszczyk

Nick Jaszczyk.JPG

Nick is a consultant with 460degrees, providing practical guidance, expertise and direction with clients as they embark and execute IT enabled transformation over the past 12 years. I have a deep passion and focus for projects and delivery in the education sector.

As a consultant and when I deliver projects, I regularly need to travel to clients at the same time as staying in touch with other experts at 460degrees across Australia. I also have two small children and a wife who works part time.

Finding the time to travel, attend to home life and stay connected means my day is never 9-5 and I always appreciate the flexibility that both 460degrees and my clients offer. Changing working hours, using a compressed week, working from home or even for being a stay at home dad for a period have all seen positive outcomes for myself and the clients I work with.

I strongly support the use of flexible working arrangements. It helps us all continue to find balance, and I am excited to see it becoming woven into organisations I work with.