Llewella Jago

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Llewella has had an extensive career in marketing, communications and media for private enterprise and government. Llewella returned to Australia nine years ago from senior marketing positions with the Guardian Media Group in the UK and Southern Cross Austereo in Asia to work in federal government in Canberra.

During Llewella’s time in federal government she was a senior communications adviser for a Coordinator General, Chief of Staff for the Hon Alan Tudge MP, led a $200 million program to partner with the largest companies in Australia, led communications for the Referendum Council and refocused stakeholder engagement for the Office for Women.

Dr Marcus Chacos

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I love my team. A herd of inspired UNICORNS. To achieve powerful results in the workplace and experience an amazing culture that makes going to work a time of joy filled with wonder and theater we need to be willing to do things differently. As the director of Provolution Health, a vitalistic chiropractic practice, we embrace flexible working.

Nick Jaszczyk

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Nick is a consultant with 460degrees, providing practical guidance, expertise and direction with clients as they embark and execute IT enabled transformation over the past 12 years. I have a deep passion and focus for projects and delivery in the education sector.

As a consultant and when I deliver projects, I regularly need to travel to clients at the same time as staying in touch with other experts at 460degrees across Australia. I also have two small children and a wife who works part time.

Finding the time to travel, attend to home life and stay connected means my day is never 9-5 and I always appreciate the flexibility that both 460degrees and my clients offer. Changing working hours, using a compressed week, working from home or even for being a stay at home dad for a period have all seen positive outcomes for myself and the clients I work with.

I strongly support the use of flexible working arrangements. It helps us all continue to find balance, and I am excited to see it becoming woven into organisations I work with.

Stephanie Vanin

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 As the Flexibility EAG lead for Stockland, I am incredibly passionate about enabling people to thrive and reach their full potential. This means influencing , leading and creating a modern workplace culture that recognises our people work best when their work and non-work lives are working well together. At Stockland, We also understand that no two lives are the same. Work-life balance commitments continue to be important to employee wellbeing and workplace flexibility and a key reason why our people choose to stay working with us.

Bruno Zadeh

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I am Bruno Senior Business Learning solutions Consultant at Gallup. My role is to help leaders, coaches and individuals discover their talents and improve their workplaces through Gallup’s learning solutions based on more than 80 years of human development research.

My mission is to work with clients to integrate a strengths-based approach and workplace engagement best practices into their organisations to achieve measurable performance outcomes.

What I am passionate about with flexibility at work is as a single dad and a leader at Gallup, I need to have a life that allows me to integrate my role as a single dad and my work. I am grateful to work for an organisation that allows me this working flexibility, trusts me as an employee and supports me as a parent. I would love to support single parents and help organisations by offering flexibility at work for everyone. It requires new processes in organisation, building manager capability by training for trust and performance measures based on outcomes.

Leaders and management practices require a common belief that when an organisation helps the individual, they will gain engagement and performance in return. I believe “Flexibility at work” is a great way to retain employees, create more engagement, become healthier and more productive as well.

Uwe Dulleck


Uwe is Professor of Economics at QUT, Director of QUT‘s Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology and Honorary Professor of Behavioural Economics at ANU‘s Crawford School for Public Policy. His is a world leading researcher in Behavioural Economics, a member of the academic advisory panel of the Australian Government‘s Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet‘s Behavioural Economics Team (BETA).

Flexible Work arranges can help to make work places more attractive, leading to attracting and retaining better talent and improving productivity and wellbeing of employees. Behavioural Economics can help to evaluate benefits and help employees to better engage with the change.

Jack Meehan

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I specialise in LGBTI+ workplace inclusion and work for an NGO who has close to 300 members across Australia. It is a demanding and highly visible role that can be emotionally strenuous but extremely rewarding, so having the ability to create a strong sense of work/life balance when you are on the move constantly from airport to airport is essential for my wellbeing. This includes walking meetings with my members, meditation, watching a lot of sunsets in all kinds of cities across Australia and working from home or a hotel to regroup and reenergise. The ability to recalibrate is essential to everyone’s ability to be a high performing individual in a diverse team that can communicate and collaborate from any location.

Taylor Tran

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Taylor Tran is an author and strategist in innovation and coworking. He is also a NFP Chairman and Non-Executive Director. Apart from advising impact startups in artificial intelligence and blockchain, Taylor also works with governments, businesses and communities to promote digital innovation and the future economy. In his work Taylor actively promotes the importance of flexible work and its contribution of community wellbeing.