Mind the Gap – How Recruiters are Still Searching for the Ideal Worker

ideal worker 2.jpg

"There is a great contradiction. More and more companies embrace Diversity and Inclusion, as it makes absolute business sense. But are they able to reach out to diverse talent, and more importantly, are people with interesting life stories able to secure an interview?

How do you explain the 2 years break you took to look after your child? Or the other time-out for caring for an ill parent or relative? Well, there are websites helping you to fill the gaps in your CV with a variety of tricks and tips, some useful, some downright fraud, like writing in key-words in white ink into your CV to trick the software screening it. 

We are not used to gaps in the 21st century. Every minute is utilised to check on e-mails, to send out tweets, to connect on social media, to show we are always on, always working and present. And this in turn suits perfectly highly motivated individuals geared towards achieving great careers, but if you have family obligations, have an important hobby or want to continue education, or as a matter of fact would like to embrace a more spiritual, less outwardly way of life – well, it won’t bode well for your next career move."

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