The Tracksuit Economy, by Emma Heuston

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Trouble fitting your personal life into the corporate world? Struggle to balance work with parenting? Yearning for a life outside the office? 

 Welcome to the world of the flexible professional. 'The Tracksuit Economy' is an inspiring guide to finding a work-life balance that works for you. With challenges and solutions for everything from self-employment to remote working arrangements to freelance consulting, Emma Heuston will help you regain your freedom. With knowledge and insight from years in the field (via her comfortable home office), she delivers realistic options for work outside the corporate office structure.


  • Why flexible work is the way of the future;

  • Successful solutions for working from home;

  • Pitfalls and challenges of a remote career;

  • Programs, tools, and tips for maximum efficiency; 

  • Communication strategies to bridge the hurdles;

  • Inspiring, everyday stories from trailblazing tracksuits.

Link to purchase a hard copy online is here.  Link to purchase via Amazon (ebook) is here.