ASX "All Roles Flexible"

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At ASX, they are serious about flexible work.  Lisa Green, group executive of human resources for the ASX shared in this article:

“Our system is designed to assume all employees are eligible for flexible work arrangements. We’ve reversed the burden of proof - the assumption is that if they ask for flexibility, they get it. If there is a situation where flexibility has been declined.. [the CEO] wants to be personally briefed.”  

"ASX offers mutually beneficial flexible working arrangements for all roles. They recognise that employees need to balance work and personal lives and have differing needs, such as caring for children or elders, study commitments, volunteering activities, travel and sporting interests."  To read more click here.

All roles are flex at PwC

We are pioneering new ways of working and giving our people more choice about how they work, because we recognise it’s not where they work but what they do that matters.

Some of our clients have already taken an ‘all roles flex’ approach and the benefits – from improved productivity to attracting and retaining diverse talent – are numerous.

At PwC it all starts with an open and authentic conversation about how, when and where you work best, so together we can build an arrangement that works for you, your team and your clients.

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Metcash offers school holiday camps, wellbeing days and study support

Through offering a supportive, friendly and flexible workplace Metcash empower their people to immediately start making a difference. "We love what we do but we also believe in a great work/life balance."

Camp Metcash

Keeping kids occupied during school holidays can be challenging, that is why we created Camp Metcash for our Sydney sites.

Run in partnership with Big Fun Camps, our employees’ school aged children are taken to fun activities including visits to wildlife parks, laser tag, movies or the Easter Show. Both kids and parents love it!

Well-being Days

And sometimes you just need a ‘me’ day. We offer 2 extra days of leave to do the little things to help recharge. Whether it be taking time off to spend with family, or having a doona day, we recognise that every now and then you just need to take some time out and refresh.


We love what we do but we also believe in having a healthy work life balance. We offer a range of flexible options including compressed working weeks, flexible start and finish times or work from home.

Study Support

Studying in your field of work? We offer support for students that are looking to increase their knowledge in a job related course.

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nbn facilitates flexibility in employment

nbn endeavours to assist its employees, while achieving its business goals, to achieve their personal, family and relationship goals by facilitating flexibility in employment and working arrangements to achieve balance between work and personal responsibilities.

We do this by offering, subject always to nbn’s business needs, a number of Flexible work arrangement options to all our employees that cater for a range of personal needs, including:

  • Working from home. We offer working from home arrangements that allow employees to work from home full-time or on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Part-time and job share. nbn advertises and supports part-time employment as well as employees participating in job-share arrangements, where two employees work part-time sharing one position.
  • Purchased Leave. Employees can apply to take up to a total of 8 weeks leave during the designated 52 week period by purchasing up to 4 weeks of additional leave.
  • Other Flexible Work Arrangements such as formalising an agreement to change the pattern of hours (e.g. start time and finish time) an employee will work

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Embrace a healthier way of working and FLEXBetter at Medibank

At Medibank, our purpose is: For Better Health. To live this purpose, we embrace a healthier way of working by providing employees with flexibility in how and where they conduct their work.

This approach is known as FLEXBetter.

We recognise that for us to embrace an inclusive culture, we need to have a workplace which is flexible. We appreciate that each individual’s work preferences, and work needs, can change over time and are influenced by life outside work.

Flexibility is available to all our employees – whether that be to spending time volunteering, participating in sports or leisure activities, dressing in smart casual, or making it home in time to spend some time with your family at the end of the day. The FLEXbetter approach is all about balance – supporting the wellbeing of our employees as well as our customers.

The FLEXbetter Approach

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Improving customer satisfaction is the highest priority at BankWest

We offer a range of flexible work options and services to meet the needs of our people and business. A flexible working arrangement is an ongoing formal arrangement around how you work, such as working non-standard hours, working a compressed week, working regularly from a different location, working part time, or job sharing. It isn't about asking for time to go to an appointment, or to work at home because you need to meet a tradesperson.

Flexible Working Principles

  • Improving customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Requests for flexible work arrangements must not compromise customer service and should continue to meet the needs of the business. However, all requests for flexible working arrangements will be given genuine consideration in-line with these principles.
  • Performance is defined by outcomes and behaviour. A colleague's effectiveness is determined by what and how they deliver.
  • Flexible working arrangements may be trialled but may not be appropriate for all roles. Flexible work requests may be subject to a trial period to assess feasibility. Flexible work practices might not be appropriate for all positions within the business.
  • There is no 'one' solution. There are a range of flexible work options that can be considered – it's not just about part-time work and job-sharing. The most appropriate solution will meet both business and individual needs.
  • Colleague-leader communication is critical. Open communication between leaders and colleagues is a critical aspect in evaluating and reviewing flexible work arrangements and a shared responsibility for the outcome becoming successful.
  • Flexibility requests can be reason neutral. Everyone deserves to have their flexibility request listened to and considered.

The Benefits

For colleagues:

  • A better work/life balance - being able to meet both work and personal commitments
  • Reduced travelling time and cost
  • Increased sense of control leading to increased sense of well-being
  • Greater job satisfaction - a happier person all round
  • Being able to remain in the workforce longer
  • Greater loyalty, trust and respect towards leaders

For Bankwest:

  • Attracting and retaining skilled and motivated colleagues
  • Increased colleague engagement
  • Reduced absences
  • Increased skills and creativity of leaders
    Improved customer service and retention by being able to work flexibly with them
  • Maintaining Employer of Choice status
  • Increased team productivity

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Behind the scenes of Australia’s most flexible role at avt

Imagine travelling around Australia in a caravan with young children, all while continuing to work fulltime and fully flexibly.  'It's simple - because we make sure it is' - that's the tag line from avt.  They are truly leading the way when it comes to workplace flexibility.  

How does Yasmin deliver a fulltime role while travelling?  "We use an agile methodology approach to working flexibly, planning together as a team via Skype and Zoom.  We have never counted hours or time, it’s all about outcomes.  I believe that work is not a place, it’s a thing you do. I’m living ‘the dream’ right?"  To read more click here.

Image source: avt

Almost 65% Appirians work remotely and have five common characteristics


Appirio partners with leading brands such as Facebook, eBay and Coca-Cola.  Over their 10-year rapid growth, they have remained committed to the Virtuous Cycle – empowering employees and creating a work environment where they are happy which directly results in more positive experiences for customers. 

Almost 65 per cent of employees, Appirians, work remotely and there are five characteristics common among Appirians. Do you want to know what they are? 

Our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility in the USA interviewed Erin Davidson, Appirio Recruting Coordinator.  Click here to read the article.

evergiving love remote work and adventure

Imagine establishing an organisation with an entirely and globally dispersed, remote workforce.  Impossible?  Not according to evergiving who have done just this.  They are a software as a service company for face-to-face fundraisers and promote thier people living a life where they are passionate about both work and adventure.

"The obvious question is—can managers combine adventure and work? Although one of the fundamental truths of management is that it’s a very people oriented, hands-on sort of role, we think it can.

Lisa Britt, our Head of Customer Support and direct line manager to seven people is about to embark on a year abroad, working from multiple destinations, working entirely remotely the whole time. Lisa believes that success will be predicated on our established work culture with work patterns that directly support remote working."

Click here to read the article by our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility. 

Perpetual has the award-winning Best Workplace Flexibility Program!

Last year, Perpetual won the Australian HR Award for the 'Best Workplace Flexibility Program' for excellence and innovation in workplace flexibility programs and initiatives.

Perpetual is serious about flexibility. "We believe it drives better business outcomes and enables us to attract and retain the best people. We believe all roles can be done flexibly. Our goal is to empower our people with a measure of control over when, where and how they work."  

Click here to read more or watch a video of Perpetual employee's sharing flexibility for them.

Appen strategically offers FWAs... loyal employees, high retention and productivity rates

Appen is a publicly trading (USA) global entity, that openly shares that flexible work has kept retention and productivity rates high and employees loyal.  “In order to conduct business in a productive and profitable way, we were always open to providing our employees [and executive team] with the flexibility of working from home”.

Flexible work arrangements are strategically offered to employees around the world, alongside ‘traditional in-office settings’ in Australia, USA and the Philippines. 

Our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility in the USA interviewed Rachael Pappas, Marketing Associate.  Click here to read the article.

Work flexibility = Humana's world class levels of employee engagement

Humana Inc has 14.3 million members across the USA, and more than 50,000 employees.  Over the last 30 years it has become a well known player in healthcare. 

They are committed to wellness of members and employees: mind, body and spirit.  They believe “work flexibility creates a true win-win” and has contributed to “world class levels of employee engagement”.

Our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility in the USA interviewed Tim State, Vice President, Associate Health and Well-being.  Click here to read the article.

Polycom 'walks the talk' with its collaborative flexible work culture


Polycom prides itself on a collaborative flexible work culture, where employees ‘walk the talk’ using the video and audio conferencing solutions to work across many time zones. They believe that “work is no longer a place you go but something you do anywhere.  And we are prepared for it all.” 

Our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility in the USA interviewed Andrew Cuneo, Corporate Communications Senior Manager.  Click here to read the article.

Sodexo drives the Global Flexibility Task Force

Sodexo is the 19th largest employer in the world, serving 75 million consumers a day in 80 countries.  Its core mission is to improve quality of life and conduct business with “the highest levels of integrity and uncompromising legal and ethical standards”. 

The ‘Flexibility Works!’ initiative was launched in 2008, and this year the company launched the Global Flexibility Task Force to further advance the flexible work culture globally.

Our friends at 1 Million for Work Flexibility in the USA interviewed Lorna C. Donatone, CEO Sodexo Geographic Region and Region Chair-North America.  Click here to read the article.

Flexibility is part of who we are at Suncorp

In 2015, Suncorp Group won the Australian HR Awards 'Best Workplace Flexibility Program'.  The organisation, that has over 14,000 employees and nine million customers, considers workplace flexibility to be a unique competitive advantage and point of difference.

Suncorp offers wide ranging flexible working arrangements to employees.  These include "various part-time arrangements, the choice to work from home, job share arrangements, and mentoring roles for transition to retirement – among others".

Suncorp’s Work@Home Hubs model "supports contact centre employees by enabling them to conduct the majority of their work from home."  To read more click here.

3 months on, 3 months off job sharing at Caltex

"We are strongly committed to enabling a more flexible work culture in Caltex. Over the past two years, we have concentrated our efforts to improve our practices with respect to flexible work: our leaders have participated in workshops to grow their knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering flexible work solutions in addition to the introduction of new technology offerings."

To learn more about some of the innovative flexible working arrangements adopted, click here.

Why is Telstra working “All Roles Flex”?

"Our purpose with 'All Roles Flex' was to adopt a new and disruptive position around mainstreaming flexibility that would amplify productivity benefits, lift engagement, establish a clear market proposition and also enable a new way of working, with technology linked very strongly to this."  

Read more here about how Telstra has made it happen, in both recruitment of new employees, and access to flexible work arrangements for employees.