Carly Stebbing

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Carly Stebbing is a workplace rights advocate and Founder of Resolution123 - a NewLaw firm for employees. NewLaw is a flexible alternative to traditional law firm models. Resolution123 uses technology and flexible work to deliver employment law services to individuals in a fast, simple and affordable way. Carly has over 13 years experience in all aspects of employment law, industrial relations and employee relations, having worked for employer associations, large and boutique law firms and volunteering at community legal centres.The breadth of Carly's experience enables her to advise individuals on the quickest and most effective way to resolve workplace disputes, including underpayments, bullying, harassment, discrimination, sham contracting, redundancy, unfair dismissal and general protections breaches. Carly also helps individuals negotiate employment contracts, bargain for better wages and conditions and negotiate flexible work arrangements. Carly is a Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Finalist in Workplace Relations.

Carly is so passionate about flexible work that she left a secure partnership in a reputable employment law firm to create an employment law offering, that helps individuals know and assert their rights to flexible work, and offers truly flexible work to its lawyers. "When I decided to leave traditional legal practice, I went on a journey to find the right type of flexible work for me. I met with top tier firms, mid tier firms and big corporates but none were the right fit, recruiters refused to put me forward for jobs I was plainly highly qualified for because of my desire to work flexibly. It was then that I realised I could create the work I wanted to do flexibly myself, and in fact, felt I had an obligation to, so I founded Resolution123. I advocate for people who have suffered from "flexism" and truly believe that by enforcing our rights at work we can make a positive change to our own lives and our community. To paraphrase something a client who is enforcing her work rights, said to me recently - it is one of our primary responsibilities as parents and humans, to make the world a better place."