Nadia Taylor


Nadia is an executive Director of Livingstones, a national Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Organisational Development consulting firm. Nadia has delivered industrial relations and human resources services to organisations nationally for nearly 20 years across many industries, with specialties in education, business services, utilities, health services and not-for-profit. She focuses on aligning an organisation’s operations with its strategic vision through innovative human resource practices, including courageously addressing the most challenging aspects of people management. She is also a non-executive Director of TransitCare, a community transport organisation.

“I’m passionate about flexible working as it fosters an inclusive workplace, which ultimately results in increased productivity, job satisfaction and diversity of thinking. At Livingstones we are passionate about creating a flexible work environment to cater for people’s personal and professional aspirations outside of work.  For me personally, work flexibility allows me to spend quality time to care for my 1 year old son Atlas and continue to lead the strategic direction of Livingstones. In the last year I have had the opportunity to try out various flexible working arrangements (including bringing Atlas to work, taking him to client meetings and working remotely) and this experience has reinforced to me that flexibility is the future of work.”

Nadia has a passion for innovation and cutting-edge business solutions and her strengths lie in being able to see into the horizon and to help others view things from multiple perspectives. Since her appointment as Director in 2008, Nadia has led the Livingstones marketing, growth and innovation board profiles, and now oversees all strategy & business operations.