Fay Calderone


Fay Calderone is an employment lawyer who ‘gets’ strategy, people and workplace culture having built a dynamic and innovative practice over 16 years advising HR, C-Suite leaders and Boards on compliance with workplace laws, change management, business protection and representing employers to resolve disputes relating to bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, adverse action and unfair or unlawful dismissals. Fay was recognised as an emerging leader in the NAB Women’s Agenda leadership Awards in 2014 and more recently was a finalist Mentor of the Year and Partner of the Year in Workplace Relations in the prestigious Lawyers Weekly Awards.

"Flexibility  is imperative to the creation of diverse and inclusive workplaces.  Inclusive workplaces undeniably enhance organisational effectiveness, competitive advantage, enjoy better decision making, improved morale and people management and deliver higher returns to shareholders. 

As the world of work is changing, employees are increasingly working remotely and the four walls of the workplace are evaporating. Flexible work arrangements are increasingly becoming reasonable adjustments that can be reasonably accommodated not only without hardship to employers, but indeed with improved productivity and efficiencies.

Flexibility must be openly and unreservedly available to all employees. If we are ever going to achieve gender equity and increase the number of female leaders, executives and board members, they must be enabled in the same way their male counterparts have been for years. If the negative stigma attached to males requesting flexibility and assuming caring and domestic roles is not removed, women will always be at a disadvantage trying to have it all while they do it all."