Justina Bisset


My name is Justina Bisset, I work full time as a team leader whilst managing my online store, social media profiles, producing art work and the list goes on, all thanks to being able to work flexibly.

"I am passionate about breaking the stigma that flexible working is only for carers, and only for part timers. Its so much more than that, and for an ambitious artist and leader such as myself, its my lifeline. Being able to work flexibly and change my week to suit my other commitments means I can work on my passion. In turn, because I am able to do this, I put more passion into my work as a Team Leader. Its such a positive cycle and as a leader im able to do the same for my direct reports and my team is thriving and happy.

I am positive that working flexibly will be part of norm in the cooperate world in the coming years, and I am excited to be one of the people backing this notion."