Tim Morrison


Many people want to work flexibly, albeit for different reasons. Tim Morrison, HR Business Partner at Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd, also lives a 2nd career as a professional Boundary Umpire with the Australian Football League (AFL). Tim is deeply passionate about working flexibly, as it’s a true necessity for him, dividing his time between both careers, for which he feels his life has been enriched through it.

Tim fully appreciates that diversity and flexibility in the workplace is essential to fully embracing our individual lifestyles, priorities and personal situations.  By fully embracing these, understanding, accommodating these and engaging in a transparent dialogue engenders trust and inspiration in the workplace. Tim has had four roles in his 8 years at Mercer, further debunking the myth that working flexibly is a barrier to career progression.

Tim is part of a colleague resource group at Mercer, #allrolescanflex, which is aiming to help shift the perceptions and behaviours around flexible working and Making Work, Work. “I am just one example, but what our movement recognises, is that people have lives outside of work, and that is not only a good thing but actually makes for more productive employees. It isn’t just employees with caring responsibilities who need flexible working, though they of course are a prime example, the simple fact is that everyone has a life outside of work. We want to create an inclusive culture where the reason for needing flexibility does not matter.”