Heejung Chung


I've always been interested in the ways people work, and the extent to which people (have to) privilege work over other aspects of their lives. Having lived in 5 different countries, I realise how this varies across countries and that a more balanced life is possible. Another aspect I am very passionate about is gender equality in the labour market and a gender equal division of work within the household. Flexible working really speaks to both of these areas in that it can allow for a better balance between work with other aspects of one's life, and help even the playing field for men and women - i.e., help women stay in the labour market, help men do more in the household.

However, flexible work is not without problems, and this is one of the key research I do as a part of my Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work life balance project . As I experience daily in academia, large degrees of flexibility at work can result in workers (needing to) work everywhere and all the time, where work encroaches over other aspects of one’s lives. My project aims to explain why this happens to see how we can make sure it doesn’t and good flexible working practices can be developed. Flexible working can be great, if you know how to use it.