Robert Hawkins

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Having spent several years in rigid workplaces – with the accompanying long commutes – as an engineer, process specialist and manager, Robert Hawkins now freelances as a writer and editor, walks his dog in the mornings instead of sitting in his car, and works to help as many people as possible to regain life by working flexibly.

He believes that flexibility is much more than an accommodation for those who need it the most, but is rather a fundamental right that allows us all to live sustainably and be fully human each and every day. He is especially interested in how flexibility can be rolled out to industries not normally associated with being able to flex: healthcare, manufacturing and retail, for instance.

“We give our best time and energy to travelling to work and being at work, leaving our other core needs to exist in the tired margins of the day. A change in perception is required to enable managers to realise that well-rested and well-rounded individuals are exceptionally good for business. Flexible Working Day is a great way to challenge assumptions about the way we work and to show that flexibility is something to be embraced rather than feared or ignored.

“I’m proud to be involved with Flexible Working Day and excited to see Australia progressing to a human-centred way of working that promotes greater diversity, inclusion and many other social, economic and environmental benefits.”