Heidi Dening


Heidi Dening is an award-winning workplace wellness consultant and speaker, the CEO of Workable Wellness, and one of only a small group of leading professionals in Australia who are accredited and dedicated to supporting human health and well-being in the built environment from the International WELL™ Building Institute.

With over 20 years experience in education and health, Heidi specialises in workplace wellness policies, programs and presentations that improves business performance and creates thriving cultures.

Heidi is passionate about flexible working because it allows individuals to look after themselves better. When employees have flexibility so they can work, exercise, think, eat and rejuvenate at times that support their personal and professional responsibilities, they become the best versions of themselves. This directly impacts their ability to create, analyse, strategise, lead and collaborate better at work. Workplaces who embrace flexible working will lead the way in attracting and retaining society’s top talent.

Due to her long-term passion and commitment to education and vitality for all walks of society – from corporate professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, to children living on remote islands of Vanuatu - she has received many awards including an Australia Day Merit Award and Westpac’s International Women’s Day Local Hero Award.

In 2017, she was included on the honour roll for the global #CelebratingWomen project. Heidi has been the President of the Personal Trainers Council of NSW, and a board member of FitnessNSW. She is a sought-after presenter, consultant, author, coach and leader with a unique ability to provide realistic strategies that deliver results to individuals, teams and organisations.