Melissa Griffiths


Melissa Griffiths is a transgender authority who lives in Melbourne. Melissa raises awareness about gender identity and transgender issues from all angles. She is passionate about making the workplace and society more inclusive for transgender people.  

Melissa is a advocate for transgender rights, media commentator, public speaker and writer. She managed to get a gender identity policy introduced at Brisbane Racing Club, Melbourne Racing Club and Victoria Racing Club. She has also spoken at Women’s March Melbourne about women’s rights and spoken at other events about leadership as well.

"Can you imagine a world where we are all working 12 hours a day and our kids are constantly looked after by friends, family or worse still android nannies? Imagine you never have the ability to see your kids or be with your family or friends or just have time out for yourself.  This is the world we are insidiously creating.

So, let’s instead create a world where we all have the ability to manage our life and balance this with our business/work responsibilities. A world where we all have time to do what we need to do and want to do and still have some time to rest. 

My passion for flexible working day comes from having been in roles where there is no time to even barely eat your lunch and I have needed time to finish early and been unable to do so.  Finding a workplace where you flexible hours and working day can be challenging. So since finding such a workplace and been able to work in such an environment means that I can balance my work commitments with my personal commitments.

If we have flexible working hours this will benefit everyone as it means that employees will be able to get their work done in a timely manner. It also means that schedules can be created which are balanced and meets both the needs and the business you are running or your employer.  This all leads to a more productive workplace and employees as they feel their employer allows them to cater for their lives and feel more valued as a result.

Finally, the other reasons I am passionate about flexible working day are the most important reasons as they lead to a more healthy society.  A flexible working day means people have the time to manage their mental and physical health. This is most important as a healthy society means a more productive society and more empathic society."