Tony Holland


Tony Holland is the CEO of OzHelp.  During his career with OzHelp Tony has used his skills as a negotiator and change agent to ensure the organisation maintained its national position as a leader in the suicide prevention space. OzHelp has a long history of association with the building and construction and mining industries across Australia.

"With a team of around 30 people working in a number of locations around the country, I really see the importance of allowing for and promoting flexible working arrangements.

Whether it be a person returning after the birth of a precious bundle of joy, a team member requiring some short term adjustments to care for a family member or a new person coming on Board in a staggered way, workplace flexibility seems to be a no brainer.

Sure it can be difficult to negotiate at times, but my experience is the benefits in a whole range of ways are way more helpful to the organisation than managing the minimal challenges that often fade into insignificance.

My advice to other CEO’s is don’t knock until you seriously explore how an attitude of flexibility could be a winner for you."