David Glasson

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David commenced his working life as a chartered accountant before transitioning to financial roles across the entertainment and agribusiness sectors. In 2006 David moved to Canberra with General Practice Education and Training where he held Chief Financial/Operating and Acting CEO roles over eight years. David was then appointed to lead the Victorian Metropolitan Alliance for GP Training in late 2014. He is currently the CEO of Eastern Victoria GP Training (EV).

EV are responsible for the delivery of GP education and training to over 300 registrars across Eastern Victoria under the Australian General Practice Training program.

It is all about the right training being provided in the right locations, to the right individuals. This ensures our future GP workforce are skilled up to provide ongoing quality primary care to all our communities.

David is a long-standing member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand and is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds a Masters in Public Health and is actively engaged with stakeholders throughout the changing landscape of General Practice and primary care.

For David, flexible work arrangements respect the principle of mutual obligation. Where an employer is open to flexible work arrangements in support of an individual’s circumstances, a corresponding respect exists for the reasonable needs and obligations of the employer. For David there are multiple opportunities to engage effectively with individuals over flexible work arrangements. It’s not a one size fits all and what can be done may be influenced at least in part, by the role itself. The best policies though, are those where an individual’s circumstances and preferences can be aligned with the needs of the organisation. It’s about respect for both the individual and the objectives of the role through open dialogue.