Conrad Liveris


Conrad Liveris is a corporate adviser on workplaces and risk.  He’s been credited as being “one of Australia’s leading employment and workplace experts” by the ABC.

Conrad improves workplaces exclusively through evidenced based responses and original data. He’s worked on projects in Australia, Asia and the US, working on a variety of workplace and management projects, always focused on improving performance and making out workplaces more inclusive and effective.

With a firm belief of the importance of sharing knowledge, Conrad contributes a column in The Australian and is active across the media in Australia and globally.  He’s also the director of the Australian Management Review.

Conrad is alum of the US State Department, an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, worked prominently on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and his work has been acknowledged in numerous parliaments and by the Prime Minister of Australia.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Commerce, he has undertaken specialist and leadership education at the Governance Institute of Australia and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Conrad knows that flexible working is an unstoppable trend.  He understands the need for individuals to have a better more balanced life, and to improve the performance of workplaces.

Conrad completed a cost-benefit analysis of flexible working as part of his masters degree, showing a distinct financial and performance benefit of flexible working for workplaces.

"Flexible working is undeniably a benefit and opportunity for individuals and workplaces alike."