Tony Holland


Tony Holland is the CEO of OzHelp.  During his career with OzHelp Tony has used his skills as a negotiator and change agent to ensure the organisation maintained its national position as a leader in the suicide prevention space. OzHelp has a long history of association with the building and construction and mining industries across Australia.

"With a team of around 30 people working in a number of locations around the country, I really see the importance of allowing for and promoting flexible working arrangements.

Whether it be a person returning after the birth of a precious bundle of joy, a team member requiring some short term adjustments to care for a family member or a new person coming on Board in a staggered way, workplace flexibility seems to be a no brainer.

Sure it can be difficult to negotiate at times, but my experience is the benefits in a whole range of ways are way more helpful to the organisation than managing the minimal challenges that often fade into insignificance.

My advice to other CEO’s is don’t knock until you seriously explore how an attitude of flexibility could be a winner for you."

Bjorn Galjaardt

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Bjorn Galjaardt is an entrepreneur, coach and supporter of flexible work. With a background in sports, education and health and currently studying a master in sports coaching, he understands that it’s all about task management and not time management. Interaction with athletes and clients across the world requires a balanced approach. It’s knowing yourself, then others and reaching success through leadership and performance.

His latest venture is an online pathway with these bright building blocks incorporated, enabling others to achieve their goals without compromising flexibility. He often says, “The difference in coaching is how to do, not what to do. Flexible working requires a growth mindset that can evolve and give options in a mental and physical outcome.”

Link to i4bright website www.i4bright.com and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/björngaljaardt/

Bob Beusekom

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Bob Beusekom is an entrepreneur, coach and world traveller. His professional sweet spot is where business, finance and technology come together, with a strategic mind and a people focus. Bob is passionate about constant learning and bright people. He is living proof that flexibility in time, location and more, can unleash amazing potential and deliver valuable outcomes. From executive roles in international business to volunteering in developing countries, his inspiring leadership style and no-nonsense mentality, create fun and drive performance and success.

Bob’s healthy as-a-service lifestyle is designed around working hard on complex initiatives with purpose, balanced with periods of mini-retirements. His childhood dream was to travel to 50 countries, but he failed… He has been to more than 100 now and is still counting. Bob’s latest venture is to unlock the best learnings of his rich career and that of his business partner, a former elite athlete and high-performance coach, through an online platform business, enabling him to take flexibility to the next level.

Link to i4bright website www.i4bright.com and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobvanbeusekom/

Melissa Griffiths


Melissa Griffiths is a transgender authority who lives in Melbourne. Melissa raises awareness about gender identity and transgender issues from all angles. She is passionate about making the workplace and society more inclusive for transgender people.  

Melissa is a advocate for transgender rights, media commentator, public speaker and writer. She managed to get a gender identity policy introduced at Brisbane Racing Club, Melbourne Racing Club and Victoria Racing Club. She has also spoken at Women’s March Melbourne about women’s rights and spoken at other events about leadership as well.

"Can you imagine a world where we are all working 12 hours a day and our kids are constantly looked after by friends, family or worse still android nannies? Imagine you never have the ability to see your kids or be with your family or friends or just have time out for yourself.  This is the world we are insidiously creating.

So, let’s instead create a world where we all have the ability to manage our life and balance this with our business/work responsibilities. A world where we all have time to do what we need to do and want to do and still have some time to rest. 

My passion for flexible working day comes from having been in roles where there is no time to even barely eat your lunch and I have needed time to finish early and been unable to do so.  Finding a workplace where you flexible hours and working day can be challenging. So since finding such a workplace and been able to work in such an environment means that I can balance my work commitments with my personal commitments.

If we have flexible working hours this will benefit everyone as it means that employees will be able to get their work done in a timely manner. It also means that schedules can be created which are balanced and meets both the needs and the business you are running or your employer.  This all leads to a more productive workplace and employees as they feel their employer allows them to cater for their lives and feel more valued as a result.

Finally, the other reasons I am passionate about flexible working day are the most important reasons as they lead to a more healthy society.  A flexible working day means people have the time to manage their mental and physical health. This is most important as a healthy society means a more productive society and more empathic society."

Richard McLellan

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Richard McLellan is the CEO of one of Australia’s 56 regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations – the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) – based at Geraldton in mid-west Australia. He prides himself on having a workforce with considerable diversity – in gender, age, and cultural backgrounds; in working styles, education levels, work location, life experiences and professional skills – and on encouraging and encompassing flexibility into his organisation’s work ethic in any way possible.

Richard said he is acutely aware that flexibility is a major determinant of job satisfaction among many in the workforce, valued more highly than pay-scales and position titles by many employees. Flexibility in working arrangements – such as being able to work part-time, from home, by teleconference, or with compressed work weeks – allows for easier and better balancing of work-life demands and desires. It benefits staff as workers, but also as mums and dads, sisters and brothers – at home, in families and relationships.

As a career environmentalist and one-time Director of Ecological Footprint at WWF, the international conservation organisation, Richard said flexibility is not only “good for our people, but also good for our planet” It stands to reason that fewer hours in the office, or more flexible working conditions – such as teleconferencing instead of driving or flying to meetings – is good for the environment. Flexible working conditions can help us to reduce our consumption (especially of energy and ‘more stuff’), reduce pollution, and thus reduce our overall footprint. And that’s got to be good for the planet – choosing “more time instead of more stuff”.

Nadia Taylor


Nadia is an executive Director of Livingstones, a national Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Organisational Development consulting firm. Nadia has delivered industrial relations and human resources services to organisations nationally for nearly 20 years across many industries, with specialties in education, business services, utilities, health services and not-for-profit. She focuses on aligning an organisation’s operations with its strategic vision through innovative human resource practices, including courageously addressing the most challenging aspects of people management. She is also a non-executive Director of TransitCare, a community transport organisation.

“I’m passionate about flexible working as it fosters an inclusive workplace, which ultimately results in increased productivity, job satisfaction and diversity of thinking. At Livingstones we are passionate about creating a flexible work environment to cater for people’s personal and professional aspirations outside of work.  For me personally, work flexibility allows me to spend quality time to care for my 1 year old son Atlas and continue to lead the strategic direction of Livingstones. In the last year I have had the opportunity to try out various flexible working arrangements (including bringing Atlas to work, taking him to client meetings and working remotely) and this experience has reinforced to me that flexibility is the future of work.”

Nadia has a passion for innovation and cutting-edge business solutions and her strengths lie in being able to see into the horizon and to help others view things from multiple perspectives. Since her appointment as Director in 2008, Nadia has led the Livingstones marketing, growth and innovation board profiles, and now oversees all strategy & business operations.  

Brad Barnes

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Brad Barnes is the Practice Director of Callida Consulting.  "Since joining Callida a year ago the reduction in my stress levels and improvements to my quality of life has had a significant impact on me and my family.

As a father of two active boys and my wife working shift work at Qantas, the balancing act of work with school drop off, after school activities and my own pursuits are always a challenge.

However, having an employer that embraces flexible working arrangements allows me to maintain the right balance in my life while also achieving career and family goals that are important to me."