Bjorn Galjaardt

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Bjorn Galjaardt is an entrepreneur, coach and supporter of flexible work. With a background in sports, education and health and currently studying a master in sports coaching, he understands that it’s all about task management and not time management. Interaction with athletes and clients across the world requires a balanced approach. It’s knowing yourself, then others and reaching success through leadership and performance.

His latest venture is an online pathway with these bright building blocks incorporated, enabling others to achieve their goals without compromising flexibility. He often says, “The difference in coaching is how to do, not what to do. Flexible working requires a growth mindset that can evolve and give options in a mental and physical outcome.”

Link to i4bright website www.i4bright.com and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/björngaljaardt/

Bob Beusekom

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Bob Beusekom is an entrepreneur, coach and world traveller. His professional sweet spot is where business, finance and technology come together, with a strategic mind and a people focus. Bob is passionate about constant learning and bright people. He is living proof that flexibility in time, location and more, can unleash amazing potential and deliver valuable outcomes. From executive roles in international business to volunteering in developing countries, his inspiring leadership style and no-nonsense mentality, create fun and drive performance and success.

Bob’s healthy as-a-service lifestyle is designed around working hard on complex initiatives with purpose, balanced with periods of mini-retirements. His childhood dream was to travel to 50 countries, but he failed… He has been to more than 100 now and is still counting. Bob’s latest venture is to unlock the best learnings of his rich career and that of his business partner, a former elite athlete and high-performance coach, through an online platform business, enabling him to take flexibility to the next level.

Link to i4bright website www.i4bright.com and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobvanbeusekom/