Flexible work works for people with a disability

The following blog is authored by Jessica May, Flexible Working Ambassador.  She is she CEO and Founder of Enabled Employment.  They have highly skilled people ready to work for you now. Advertise or apply today! To find out more click here.

Flexible work presents an opportunity for people to access paid work and break the cycle of poverty which having a disability can cause.

Flexible work can include job sharing, part time work, flexible hours, home based work, and results only work environments.

Enabled Employment encourages the use of flexible work for people with a disability, for several reasons.

Firstly, it enables people with a disability to maximise their contribution to the workforce. Travelling to and from a workplace can exhaust a person with a disability, and reduce the number of hours they are able to work. Working from home ensures that the exhaustion and difficulty with transport is not impinging on a person’s health, nor their ability to undertake their work.

Working from home is a safe environment for many people with a disability. Where an office may require modification, a person’s home is generally set up already to best enable a person to manage their disability, and a home office ensures occupational health and safety spot checks can be undertaken.