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A flexible workforce is the new workforce. It’s inevitable. It’s not an if, and even the when is reasonably predictable – it’s now, if not just around the corner. The question you should be asking is how.

On this first national #FWDay2018 download the kit (below) and take the time to identify where your workplace sits on the FlexWork Maturity Model, have a conversation in your workplace and commit to a plan!  

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REPORT: Flexible Working. What’s Working and What’s Not? 

Results of a national survey into flexible working practices, released on the inagrual ‘Flexible Working Day’ on Wednesday 21 June 2017, reveal that Australian workplaces and employees are still relatively inflexible with flexible working arrangements, which may be contributing to ‘flexism’ and preventing businesses from realising their full potential.  Click on the image to download the full report.