Leader / Manager Champion

Leaders/managers that encourage and support people to work flexibly

Nominate a Leader / Manager Champion

This leader or manager makes it a priority to encourage and support a flexible working team formally or informally. They support employees to work flexibly, and embrace this diversity within their team/s. They may be a CEO, HR Executive, team leader, or any other position of leadership within an organisation.

Awards prizes

The category winner will receive:

  • Exclusive feature in a comprehensive media campaign highlighting the success of all winners

  • A Champions of Flexible Working Day 2018 Awards© trophy and certificate

  • Entitlement to use the Champions of Flexible Working Day 2018 Awards© category winner logo personally and / or on your corporate marketing materials

  • Profile as a category winner on the Flexible Working Day website.

Judging criteria                            

  1. Continuous promotion and support of flexible working

    Judges will assess what the leader / manager does to continually promote and support flexible working so it is a win-win for everyone, for any reason, and for people at all levels.

  2. Leverage flexible work competitive advantage

    The judges will consider innovative and creative approaches that the leader / manager takes to #TackleFlexism and address the #GenderFlexGap. Judges will be looking for nominations that stand out in the flexible working space.

  3. Identify the ingredients for flexible working success

    Judges will assess the top three things that the leader / manager does to make flexible working ‘work’. Judges are seeking succinct responses.


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