Introduction to workplace flexibility

More organisations, managers and employees are realising that flexibility is the future of work. But what is flexibility and how can you make it work for you and you organisation?

What does #FlexWorkFullLife look like for you?

Do you think that flexible work is only for mothers?  Not sure what types of flexible work could ‘work’ for you?  Not sure where to start the discussion with your employer?

Can flex work for men?

Annabel Crabb in conversation with four men, each working flexible hours in various careers. What are the perceptions of men working flexible hours and how does this affect their careers, colleagues and family life?

Flexible Working, Diversity & Inclusion at Medibank

The worst thing about exclusion isn't just the way it hurts. It's the magic we miss, the perspectives we don't see, the ideas we don't hear, because our assumptions prevent us from ever really listening. It's in our hands to make us better together.

Work life balance is a myth

Why? Because it assumes that our work and life are separate with nothing else in between. We all know that this isn't so. It’s time to change the long held delusion that we can somehow get ‘balance’ in our life.

Flexible working: The way of the future? 

Dr Heejung Chung discusses how the way we work has changed considerably with an increasing number of people working flexibly and more control over their work schedules. But has it given employees more freedom and autonomy?

Taking the flexibility plunge as a workaholic

In this episode of the Equilibrium Challenge, self-described workaholic Simon from Telstra takes the first step on his flexibility journey. Follow his journey at Equilibrium Challenge.

Let's transform negative mindsets

Did you know that 48% of companies in Australia don’t have flexible work policies. This is not good enough! There has been a lot of talk about flexwork yet it’s not a reality for many people.

How can leaders role model flexible working?

In this video, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, Mirvac CEO and Managing Director discusses how leaders can role model flexible working.

See ya later to the 9-5

OMD talk to the Today Show about Workplace Flexibility, sharing how they are leading the way with their flexible workplace for everybody!

Why should you as a manager 'bend'?

Do you want to increase staff productivity, motivation and loyalty? People are having an increasing desire and demand to have more choice about how they work.

Perpetual is serious about flexibility

Perpetual believes workplace flexibility programs drives better business outcomes and enables them to attract and retain the best people.  

ANZ value #flexibleworking

We know that working 9-5 doesn't suit everyone. Hear from our staff about how flexible working arrangements help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Workplace flexibility: The business case

Mirvac CEO and Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, outlines the business case for flexible working arrangements.

Myths busting about people with disability

Enabled Employment CEO Jessica May delivers the keynote speech at the Pathways 13 Conference of 2016. Courtesy of the Australian Disability Clearinghouse for Education and Training (ADCET).

All roles are flex at PwC

PWC are pioneering new ways of working and giving our people more choice about how they work, because we recognise it’s not where they work but what they do that matters.

Traditional rewards aren't always effective

Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don't. Listen for illuminating stories and maybe, a way forward.

Flexible working at BankWest

We offer a range of flexible work options and services to meet the needs of our people and business - both formal and informal arrangagements. 

Helping Australians living with disabilities into jobs

Founder and CEO of Enabled Employment, Jessica May, shares her struggles with a panic disorder after giving birth to her daughter and trying to reestablish herself in the work force. 

Unlimited leave and a 30-hour work week for all

Joel opens up about the growth of his hugely successful SaaS business Cliniko. In four years they've built up a client base of over 15,000 users across 60 countries with no managers, no job titles, no meetings, unlimited leave and a 30-hour work week for all.

Why do employers need to get flexible?

CSIRO Chair and former Telstra CEO, David Thodey, on the importance of workplace flexibility.

Flexible Working Day - where did it all begin?

Vanessa Vanderhoek often gets asked why she founded Flexible Working Day. She shares here the 3 reasons.