Making Flexible Working ‘Work’ Webinar Series

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The key ingredients of flexible working success, by Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Changes to the Fair Work Act (Dec 2018) and details on the recent decision of the Fair Work Commission, by Carly Stebbing (Resolution123) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Maximising performance through flexibility: comparisons in business and high performance sport (and coaching), by Bjorn Galjaardt (i4Bright) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Learn how to play into your strengths when working in a flexible team (and generally in life), by Charlotte Blair (The Strengths Partners) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Not sure where to start when implementing flexibility in your business? Here's some practical tips, by Martin Cowie (OMD) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

10 tips for engaging flexible, agile and highly professional consultants to meet capability needs in your business, by Nikki Jenkinson (Cahlia) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Not sure how to make remote working an reality and option to your team? Here are some tips, by Emma Heuston, (The Remote Expert) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Understand your rights when it comes to flexism©, with Carly Stebbing (Resolution123) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Flexibility in the future of work, where are we headed? - with Rhonda Brighton-Hall and Roseanne Cartwright, mwah Making Work Absolutely Human

Learning from more than 5 years as successful job (career) share-pair, with Rebecca Pooley and Nicole Kettniss (Rowdy Digital) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Lessons from a professional umpire on boundary management at work, with Tim Morrison (Mercer Australia and professional AFL boundary umpire) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Why I've always worked flexibly and know that #FlexWork isn't just for Mums - with Michelle Redfern (Women in Business and Sport) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Australia's 2017 most flexible workers - over 500 days travelling in a caravan working full time flexibly - with Yasmin & Leigh Grigaliunas, (World's Biggest Garage Sale) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Flexible working turns ordinary teams into extraordinary teams. Workplace wellness can make this happen - find out how! - with Heidi Dening (Workable Wellness) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)

Be Your Best Self, by Natalie Moore (Be Moore) and Vanessa Vanderhoek (FlexAgility)